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Fenzi is proud to introduce the new website completely focused on AQUAGLASS enamels.
Fenzi offers to the customers AQUAGLASS basic-color ranges which can be mixed to obtain RAL shades.

The organic paint is a chemical composition made of the following raw material to create a water based mono-component system:

- Self-crossing water emulsion resins
- Organic and inorganic pigments
- Demineralized water

The adherence of paint is achieved by chemical reaction between the glass surface and the resins with fundamental contribute of a specific adhesion promoter to be added prior to paint application.

Acquaglass organic system is as well flexible and capable to be applied by mostly of existing technologies:

- roller-coating
- curtain-coating

- spraying

What’s in the restricted area?
By typing user and password you enter the recipe-database with recommended mixing ratios.
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How to enter the restricted area?
Fenzi gives access to those customers who bought one of the two basic-color ranges.

if you already bought such ranges, please contact to receive user and password.

To purchase above mentioned colors and to have more information about this service or Tempver products please contact

The given recipes are an indication, Fenzi recommends always to test the mixings under own conditions.

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